This project was done for Aki Nurosi's packaging class. We had to redesign a label for an existing product. I chose tetley tea bags, specifically those manufactured in India. The original design was sterile, gave no indication of the flavour and was not visually appealing. I decided to try and tackle those 
Problem: The current packaging uses color, imagery and typography that suggests a sterile product. The use of pink and white alludes to menstrual products and the white and yellow for the lemon flavour look like cough drops. This isn't my analysis alone, rather as user research I showed the packages to multiple people who didnt know what it was and about all the responses were that it was something they'd buy in a pharmacy. Considering the strong flavours in Indian Chai, most users thought the packaging did not do it justice. 

Goal: I wanted to create a new label which maintains the recognizable branding of Tetley products, while creating a more legible and appropriate design. It was imperative that the design appealed to both, the older generation of tea lovers, while competing with new millennial tea boutiques that were coming up all around Mumbai. However, it also needs to indicate flavors without having to read, to make it easier for everyone to recognize it. 
On doing more research, and from my own experiences I found out that in Mumbai, the packaging colours and distinctiveness from other brands is particularly important for brands like tetley as the demographic who purchasses them, more often than not sends their domestic help to do the shopping. Considering a lot of domestic workers may not be able to read, the primary way of describing products is through colour and imagery. 
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