The game has four kinds of cards. The first card to start the game, is the blue 'Situation Card' which starts the round with a global crisis. Each player acts as one one country (from a list provided) and can then react to the situation using any of the three other cards. The red card is the 'Destruction Card' and gets you more Strategic Points (S's), the 'Negotiation Card' leads to a mutually beneficial peace deal that gains more moral and few strategic points; the yellow card is a 'Motion Card' which can overrule a destruction card and pause the game at any point to call for a motion, however it has to be supported by at least one other player. 
Each Player (Up to 7 players can play) gets an FYI card to explain certain terminology. 
The first player to get a certain number of Ms or Ss (Check Rulebook) wins and is served with either Scenario A or B to see their fate. 
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